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The Original Airtec Shave-master tm

    THE Spec for Concrete Shaving.

  • preparation for large aggregate polishing - cap removal
  • removal of trowelled down epoxies
  • joint repair
  • grooving
  • removing high spots & more










  Marindus Company carries a wide
  range of

  • Standard needle scalers
  • Compact needle scalers
  •  Vibration dampened needle scalers
  •  Vacuum shrouded connections











      Airtec Polishers, Scarifiers, and Planers give you instant access to the most advanced technology in surface preparation.






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      Piston Type Scabblers for
      • Removal of laitance, projections
      • Preparing floors, etc
      • Floor machines & hand-held models
      • Variety of carbide heads


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      Hand Held Rotary Scarifier for

      • Roughing
      • Abrading
      • Scabbling
      • Descaling
      • Texturing
      • Cleaning 
      Pneumatic power scrapers
      for fast removal of carpet and tile. Five foot pole or Kit to choose from. Wide selection of chisels and scrapers.

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      Diamond Grinder
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      Standup Diamond Grinder & Standup Rotary Scarifier for

    • Concrete Floor Grinding
    • Paint Removal
    • Levelling
    • Smoothing
    • Glue Removal
    • Keying

      RONDA industrial HEPA vacuum cleaners
      provide dust free operation for
      floor machines and hand tools.

      Self cleaning filter system provides
      for continuous vacuuming power and
      economical operation. Models with
      capacities of 3.5 to 55 gals.


      Ronda Industrial Vacuum Cleaner - Model 400
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